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Our MME PTA voted to endorse Measure H because we believe it is critical that we continue this funding for our schools.
Measure H PRESERVES the same amount of funding we currently receive from two existing parcel taxes that will expire soon.
(Measure H is not an additional parcel tax, it is only a slight increase to the parcel tax we already pay.)
It’s a long ballot, so please go to the end of your ballot first and vote Yes on Measure H.
At the elementary level, the parcel tax funds critical programs that we want to preserve for our children and future students. Measure H funds:

support-hSchool libraries
Elementary science
Class-size reduction
Math and reading specialists
Elementary music
Over 100 teaching and staff positions

For a full list of what Measure H funds, go to: http://www.djusd.net/parceltax

There are easy ways you can get involved:

Tell your network of friends how important Measure H is for our kids.  Measure H needs a 2/3 vote to pass so every vote is important!


IMG_3589Mrs. Cooper- Transitional Kindergarten
Mrs. Cooper has been teaching for 5 years! This is her first year as a kinder teacher and before that she taught second grade. She was born on April 7th in Arizona.  Her favorite colors are blues and greens, she likes dahlia and ranunculus flowers and her favorite season is Spring! Mrs. Cooper’s favorite book is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and her favorite movies are The Princess Bride and Fight Club.  Her favorite authors are CS Lewis and JK Rowling.  She collects children’s books that are out of print or in other languages. Mrs. Cooper enjoys listening to 90’s alternative rock, reading, gardening with her family and traveling.  She has been to England, Scotland, India, Mexico and Canada!  Mrs. Cooper loves anything chocolate! Chocolate candy, chocolate mouse, mochas, you name it! But forget about white chocolate- no way! She’s not a fan of seafood either. You might catch Mrs. Cooper shopping at Cost Plus World Market or the Avid Reader or enjoying a meal at Tower Café in Sacramento. You might be interested to know that she can play a bit of piano, is a pretty good singer and is also a mom of three?! If there is anything else you’d like to know about her, just ask-she’s super friendly and approachable!

IMG_3586Maestra Ortega- TWBI Kindergarten PM
This is Maestra Ortega’s first year teaching and we are happy to welcome her to MME! Maestra Ortega was born in Guanajuato, Mexico on December 8th.  She loves the color purple, hydrangea flowers, and listening to country music.  Her favorite movie is Eat Pray Love and her favorite books are The Lorax and The Great Kapok Tree. Maestra Ortega likes to knit, read, buy things on Amazon, dine at BJ’s restaurant and collect earrings! Her favorite foods are tacos, blackberry pie, seasalt dark chocolate and Jasmine green tea, but she doesn’t like bananas!  She has traveled to 6 different Asian countries, México and several US states.  A little trivia about Maestra Ortega- she is a great problem solver, played the cello in elementary school and loves massages! Her favorite school supplies are scotch tape and water colors.

IMG_3584Maestra Diaz- TWBI Kindergarten AM
Maestra Diaz started her teaching career last year at MME! She was born on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) in Chia, Colombia. She loves the color purple, roses and alstroemeria flowers, soccer, Latino music and Summer!  Maestra Diaz’s favorite book is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and her favorite movies are Back to the Future I/II/III.  She enjoys any type of Latin food, but doesn’t like things too spicy. She loves plantains, guava, fruit tarts, smoothies and tea, but is allergic to dairy. Maestra Diaz enjoys a good shopping trip to Target, crocheting and traveling. She has traveled to many places throughout the US, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and will be taking a trip to Puerto Rico soon! Maestra Diaz facts: She enjoys drawing, painting, hearing the word “GRACIAS” and has a four-legged fur baby, an 8-year-old, orange cat named Lady.

IMG_3588Ms. Zimmerman- Traditional Kindergarten
Ms. Zimmerman, best known on campus as Miss Z, is in her fourth year of teaching. This energetic, enthusiastic, extroverted Sagittarius was born on December 15, 1987 in Long Beach, CA.  Some of her favorites include the colors yellow and pink, the lily flower, otters and the Oakland A’s!  She also loves the author Michael Pollan, the Harry Potter Series and the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Like her room partner, Mrs. Cooper, she loves anything chocolate! Ms. Z also enjoys all things cheese! Mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, nacho cheese… anything cheese! Her favorite drink is a vanilla latte. Ms. Z’s favorite store is Rire Boutique on 5th Street in Davis and favorite restaurant is Tank House BBQ in Sacramento. She also enjoys dancing, reading and playing chess.

MME is Excited to Welcome Our New Principal,               Jennifer McNeil!

McNeillJenniferW-202x300Jennifer McNeil rejoins the Davis school district as principal at Montgomery Elementary School. During the past academic year, McNeil has been working for the Roseville City School District as director of student support services. She previously served as the Davis school district’s prevention and crisis manager from 2010 to 2015, in addition to working as a part-time vice principal at Emerson Junior High in 2014-2015.

McNeil was a counselor in the Davis school district from 2004 to 2010, working with students at Da Vinci Charter Academy and at Davis High School. She was as a residential social worker and therapist at the FamiliesFirst program in Davis from 2001 to 2003.


The MME PTA wishes a safe and fun Summer to all MME students, teachers, staff, and families.  We will see you again in August with exciting and wonderful activities planned for the 2016-2017 School Year!


Welcome Back To School on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016!

MME PTA would like to thank all of our SUPER SPONSORS for making our auction a huge success!

Auction 2016 Sponsors

Please support the local businesses and organizations that gave so generously through their donations and cash sponsorships with your patronage!


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