Teacher Support

MME PTA has dedicated a huge percentage of its fundraised dollars to supporting teachers directly.  Each Teacher and Specialist receives Classroom Supplies Grants that can be used at their sole discretion for any type of classroom supplies that are desired to supplement teaching.  PTA also provides a Field Trip Stipend to each grade-level fund at least one, but often 2 or more, field trips each academic year.

Additionally, PTA continues its ongoing support of the SEAL Program (Sobrato Early Academic Language Program) for grades K-3 at MME, by providing money to purchase and replenish materials that support the learning units.  For grades 4-6, PTA has historically provided funds to the principal to be used at her discretion for Professional Development opportunities.

Finally, all proceeds from the Fall & Spring Book Fairs are given to the Librarian to be used to purchase books for the main library and/or classroom libraries, at her discretion.