Mustang Run&Walk-A-Thon

Our fall fundraiser is the Annual Mustang Run&Walk-a-Thon, and we will be partnering with Apex Fun Run again this year for a 2-week program beginning October 16th, 2017 and culminating in the fun run on Friday, October 27th, 2017 during the school day.  In 2016, we earned over $12,000, and in 2017, we will be incorporating feedback from last year’s event to make this event even more fun & more successful!

The Apex Athletes will be on-campus for the full 2-weeks interacting with teachers, kids & classes through these key activities:

  • Teacher Huddle: Before the program, PTA & Apex Leaders will meet with Teachers for ~20 minutes to go over details of how the program will be run at MME in 2018. This date & time will be communicated as soon as it is set.
  • Pep Rally: On-or-around Monday, October 16, 2017, the program kicks-off with a Pep Rally for the whole school where the Apex Athletes will introduce the program & leadership themes and pump up the kids. While they will show/display the pledge-raising prizes as well, we will work with them to emphasize the fitness & leadership aspects of the program.  Teachers will be asked to distribute the pledge cards on this day.
  • Leadership Development Days: This program hinges on the Apex Athlete’s daily 8-10-minute checkpoints with each classroom between the Pep Rally & the Mustang Run&Walk-a-Thon. During this time, the Athlete will provide a daily leadership lesson & video, acknowledge leadership behavior, and reward students for their pledge-raising efforts**.  Before they leave the classroom, they conduct a quick focusing exercise to ensure students are refocused and prepared to continue their lessons.
    • **Based on feedback from last year, the “reward students for their pledge-raising efforts” during daily classroom checkpoints will be focused on the aggregate (like grade-level), and not on individual students. As well, distribution of prizes to individuals for pledge-raising, running, and leadership will be done in a more discreet manner.
    • There will be a teacher sign-up for each day…you can choose the same time each day, or change it around depending on your schedule, and/or be more selective about the days you want the Athletes in your classroom. We greatly appreciate you making time in class to support these daily lessons.
  • Mustang Run&Walk-a-Thon Day: We will schedule a 45-minute window by grade-level during the school day on Friday, October 27th where the Apex Athletes will bring excitement & awesomeness to running laps. The laps are fairly short – just 1/16th of a mile – so the kids can really rack up the laps and feel a sense of accomplishment!  Come out to encourage your students and support your school, and you may even be asked to mark the lap counts for the students.  At the end of the Mustang Run&Walk-a-Thon, you & parent volunteers will be provided with a clipboard to document how many laps each student ran.
  • Follow-Up: Please encourage students to turn-in collections envelopes to the School Office and distribute prize at the end of the day that are delivered to your classroom.

We are hoping to pull together a small focus group of teachers/staff to help set direction of the program this year to maximize its success – both financially and culturally.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Kelly Coleman at